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Winding length (cm / 1 handle rotation): 67
Gear ratio: 7.2
Weight (g): 210
Maximum drag force (kg): 5
Standard winding amount Nylon (lb-m): 14-30-60, 12-35-70
Handle length (mm): 80
Bearing (ball / roller): 10/1
TOUGH) The SV spool has evolved and returned to Millionaire here. Last year in 2008, it is a masterpiece of round shape, Millionaire, which has been hidden for bus use and has transferred its stage to Salt Water. Armed with a new base unit in 2019, it's time to return to the bass fishing scene. Full-time, get into the fast-moving world of the Gunmen. The name is also Millionaire CT SV. In addition to trouble-free and well-received SV, 30 φ small-diameter CT spool is loaded at a time. Gear ratio prepares two models of 70H of 7.2, 70SH of 7.2. If you look at the handle rotation length of 59 cm and 68 cm, you will notice that it is a spec that emphasizes winding naturally. The reason why the millionaire is the CT concept. That is to thoroughly pursue the advantages of fast moving, especially for small and light models. With conventional bait reels, even with 5g or less lightweight lures that had difficulty in castability, the line can be sent out smoothly and reach the target spot without difficulty. The strength of the G1 duralmin material is strong enough to handle heavyweight lures. It is a strong ally who can play both a part and a part in one unit. Above all, excellent winding sensitivity. The all-machine cut body achieves rolling with no blurring. At the same time, the direct feeling of metal conveys even minor changes in the water to the hand, contributing to the concentration of the angler. It goes without saying that DAIWA Technology, which has improved its accuracy with the times, has secured a more rigid body. A new millionaire with a solid body supported by a small, high-performance engine and supported by a solid frame. Starting with the fierce battlefield that was driven into high pressure, we are now ready to catch a single gold coin on the competition stage.

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